Solar Panels

Solar Panels on roof of house

With the increasing cost of conventional energy supplies, the lack of sustainable replacement power sources and the continuing damage to the environment, the time is now right for you to consider "producing your own electricity". To look for an eco-friendly source that will enable you to produce your own power and help to reduce your reliance on mains energy suppliers.

The most cost-effective solution is Solar PV Panels.

Why Solar PV Panels?

Because they are eco-friendly as they produce electricity from natural sunlight and the background UV-rays, even on dull days, thus producing an ongoing source of energy despite the UK climate.

The solar panels are normally fitted on the roof, so do not interfere with your day to day life or waste valuable space around your property or in the garden.

But more importantly, as you get paid by the government to produce your own electricity using solar panels, the installation will pay for itself in a number of years - see FIT Scheme panel on right.

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar Panels export surplus electricity to the national grid

As indicated by the diagram above, Solar Panels convert energy from the sun and background UV-rays into electricity, and feed this into the electricity supply in your home to power your electrical appliances. If you are producing too much electricity for your own use at any time, the surplus is automatically fed into the National Grid, resulting in further payments to you from your energy supplier.

And if you are not producing enough energy for your own use, additional electricity is automatically provided from the National Grid, exactly the same as it does normally.

Automatic Switching between Power Sources

As the Solar Panel energy system is fully integrated with your existing electricity supply and equipped with automatic switching, you do not need to do anything to minimise your use of power from your supplier and maximise the use of your own solar power.

The system installed by Mechurion will do this for you, giving you trouble free electrical power for many years to come.

FIT & RHI Schemes

Stand alone Solar Panel

Under the Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Scheme, if you install eco-friendly Solar Panels using an approved installer like Mechurion, you are entitled to join the scheme, enabling you to earn cash for generating your own electricity. That's right! You will get paid for generating your own electricity.

And what's more, you will even get extra payments for any electricity you transfer to the national grid. It's a win-win situation!

Lower Energy Bills Too!

In addition, you may also save money on your existing energy bills as the more of your own electricity you consume, the less you will use from the national grid, making your energy bills much cheaper. And you will also get paid for any surplus electricty you upload to the National Grid.

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