Gas Central Heating

Warm friendly gas fire supporting a radiator based central heating system

Gas central heating is still the most popular type of domestic heating in the UK, with over 93% of households using gas in preference to anything else. For more information, call Premium Heat on FREEPHONE 0330 900 9003.

Oil Central Heating

HIgh-tech central heating controls

The second most popular central heating installation is oil-fired, accounting for approximately 4.5% of households. Oil tends to be installed in rural areas where there is no mains gas supply available but plenty of space to install an oil storage tank.

Boilers & Radiators

Heat from individual radiators is controlled by thermastic valve attached to each radiator

If you need to replace your old central heating radiators or boiler, then give Premium Heat a call on Freephone 0330 900 9003 to get a free, no obligation quotation, or click here to complete their online quotation form.

Premium Heat Central Heating Services Include...

Premium Heat are professionally qualified heating engineers and registered gas installers, and have been established since 1995. Their range of services for domestic and commercial customers includes:

  1. Gas & oil-fired central heating
  2. Gas fire & cooker installation
  3. Boiler servicing & repair
  4. Boiler & radiator installation
  5. Plumbing repairs & replacement
  6. Bathrooms & shower rooms
  7. Emergency call outs
Whatever your heating requirements may be, if you need help in any way or are considering installing new or replacement heating installations, Premium Heat are here to help.

Central Heating Boilers...

There are two main types of boilers in common use...

  1. Conventional Boiler
  2. Combi-Boiler
Conventional Boilers were once the most popular type of boiler and are ideal for larger properties where there is a high demand for hot water for domestic consumption & to heat radiators. Conventional boilers require an expansion tank in the loft and a separate hot water storage tank.

Combi-Boilers have become more popular over the past 20 years and tend to be installed in new properties as standard. Unlike convenional boilers they don't store hot water but heat it on demand, so no additional storage tanks are required. They are best suited to smaller properties with moderate hot water requirements.

Eco-friendly heating solutions from Premium Heat
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