Biomass Wood Pellet Boilers

Central heating tempeature with biomass wood pellets

If you are looking for a cost-effective renewable heating solution, a Biomass Wood Pellet Boiler (WPB) will certainly help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Instead of using conventional fuel sources like coal, gas or oil, wood pallet boilers use wood pellets which are a waste by-product of the timber industry - see below - making them an environmentally friendly, safe and convenient way to heat your home or business premises.

Wood Pellet Boiler Design

Apart from the green aspect, WBPs are fully automatic and behave more like an oil or gas boiler. Using advanced controls, they cleverly regulate the amount of wood pellets being delivered to the burner to match the varying heat demands you set for the boiler throughout the day. Exactly the same as any other heating facility.

Wood Pellets

Biomass wood pellets made from wood waste & timber offcuts

Wood pellets are environmentally friendly as they are produced either from recycled sawdust or waste timber from managed resources.

The waste timber used to produce pellets is obtained from wood off-cuts from sawmills, manufacturing sources, and unusable timber directly from the tree-felling industry itself.

The sawdust and off-cuts are compressed into small, dense cylindrical pellets with a low moisture content. This delivers high efficiency combustion during the burning process in the boiler.

Wood Pellets in Bags or Bulk

Depending on your storage facilities, wood pellets can be bought in convenient bags of various sizes, or delivered by bulk tanker. Bulk tanker deliveries are normally 1 to 5 tons at a time, and is the most cost-effective option.

Grant Biomass Boilers

Grant Pellet Boiler with bag of Wood Pellets

Mechurion recommend and install Grant Wood Pellet Boilers, the home heating appliances that are cost-efficient, sustainable and user friendly.

Their Spira Wood Pellet Boiler range for example, combines easy installation with straightforward daily operation and low maintenance, and was awarded Best Renewable Energy Product 2011 by the Sustainable Energy Authority - SEAI.

As with all their products, Grant's guarantee high quality design coupled with exceptional efficiency.

When burned, wood pellets produce ash which would normally require frequent cleaning and maintenence by you, the user.

But the Grant's Wood Pellet Boilers installed by Mechurion have a unique self-cleaning function, reducing the need for regular cleaning.

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